Cybersecurity, Compliance and Audit Management Platform

databrackets offers a secure and user-friendly online assessment platform for small to medium-sized organizations and partners with limited resources and time, to complete cybersecurity, compliance and standards assessments, identify gap areas, prioritize solutions, and demonstrate compliance with Government regulations.

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In this time of constant and sustained change in Health Care, it was imperative that we find a resource that could be a true partner in our Security and Privacy initiatives.  databrackets not only met, but exceeded our expectations with their HIPAA/HITECH toolkit and consultation services.  databrackets offers the best of both worlds by integrating research and documentation into a solid operationalized practice.”

R. W. Stewart, CIO

As a Security Officer, I found the HIPAA/HITECH Risk Assessment Toolkit from databrackets very useful to initiate the thinking and get the project moving, where it had been stalling for some time. I was impressed with how well it was organized with easy to follow instructions to complete the various steps. Having an organized launching point was critical to start and maintain a pace to see it through to completion.  I also found it thorough from the Security perspective.” –K. Jalbert, Director of Information Technology

Data Regulatory Compliance, Cyber Security Audit And Standards Libraries

– Assess using a comprehensive platform-based approach to efficiently utilize its resources
– Protect your business from agency audit and cyber insurance coverage
– Track exposures, prioritize risks, develop mitigation plan using the pre-populated solution
– Get notified on regulatory updates, action plans, etc.
– Minimize sensitive data breach

Online Training Center

– User Awareness Training on various Compliance and Assessment topics
– Role-based Training that offers customized Training depending on a specific role or function
– Compliance Assessment and Evaluation as a key element in measuring the effectiveness of monitoring, control, and surveillance (MCS)
– Certification of professionals participating in the Training
– Training Logs/Reports that help to track Employee Training

Document Center

– Information security policies and procedures Template
– Customized documents based on user input
– Documents and templates for compliance and certification

Customizable Reports

– Comprehensive assessment reports generation
– The download of reports in flexible format – PDF/Excel and Document
– Action plans updates and regeneration of remediated reports
– Generation of reports for executive management, technical teams, customers, and partners

Generate Policies and Procedures

– Security, Privacy, and Breach Templates for easy customization
– Leveraging our comprehensive list of documents to save time and cost
– Additional customization feature to the templates to tailor your needs
– Leverage our secured online portal to manage policies and procedures

Manage Workflows

– Assignment of tasks to individuals, internal and external auditors
– Creation of comments and observations to notify the task owners
– Enablement of notifications on specific tasks
– Validation of responses and evidence

Share Artifacts 

– Sharing of summary or detailed assessment report with your customers/stakeholders
– Safeguarding and countermeasures in the information that are shared
– Provision of access to all your prospective customers to save time and cost
– Publication of your latest reports and making them available in real-time

Assess Third Party/Vendor Risks

– Identification and management of your critical vendors’ risks
– Assignment of cybersecurity and compliance assessments to vendors and tracking progress
– Management of your vendor’s remediation plans and reminders
– Provision of vendor access to the management of assessments

Partner/White-label Capabilities

– White Label, multi-customers, multi-users, and partner dashboard
– Collaboration with multiple members, vendors, and stakeholders
– Provision of portal access to end-customers
– Messaging, templates, and document sharing with private or public groups

Generate Custom Assessments

– Creation of new assessments for partner customers
– Assignment and management custom assessments.
– Management of custom assessments using Partner dashboards

And More Ways to Help Meet Your Goals

– The best customer support in the industry
– Use APIs to integrate with third-party platforms
– Secure access with multi-factor authorization
– Value for your money

What is SaaS-based Assessment Tool?

It is a web-based tool that allows you to perform cybersecurity, audit and compliance assessment of your sensitive data without having to install any software or host any system on-premise*.

Who is the platform for?

This platform can be used by all types of industries and partners wishing to assess their business based on updated cybersecurity, compliance and audit rules

What do I have to do?

It  is a 5-step process:

Step 1: Preparation introduces the user to the assessment process

Step 2: Identification the user goes through the standards (structured in modules/submodules) and answers YES or NO or NOT APPLICABLE to the questions. These are always affirmative statements for consistency and are arranged in a logical order.

Step 3: Evaluation for each problem spotted, the end-user evaluates the risk

Step 4: Action Plan is filled in with measures to tackle all stated risks

Step 5: Report the action plan is converted into a report to be downloaded and printed

How long will it take?

It’s impossible to say how long an assessment will take in general as the tools differ according to your practice setup. Usually, it should not take more than 3 to 5 hours to complete your assessment.

Do I need to prepare?

You do not need any kind of specific preparation to start using the tool, however, you should take some time to think about who is going to carry out the risk assessment, how your IT and other people involved in sensitive data are going to be involved in the process, etc.